Maureen Schlosser and Beth Staff

A. Inventory Policy

The purpose of executing a yearly full inventory in the Anytown School Library is to account for all library materials in the collection while pulling all damaged materials for either repair or removal.

(Revised 4/20/12, Schlossser & Staff)

B. Inventory Planning and Procedures

End of Year Procedure

A detailed list of steps to follow starting in May for an end of year inventory.


Step-by-step procedures to follow before, during, and after an inventory using Destiny are listed in this document:

M3 (Mandarin)

A comprehensive guide for performing full and partial inventory using the M3 version of Mandarin.

Other Online Catalogs

For school libraries that do not use Destiny, here are generic directions that will work with other systems:


For information on various scanners and how to use them with Destiny, please click on this link:

(Revised 4/25/12, Schlosser & Staff)

C. Inventory Process Log

This log is used to assign responsibilities to individuals who are performing the inventory:

(Revised 4/24/12, Schlosser & Staff)

D. Annual Inventory Report

For forms on completing an Annual Inventory Report, please see the attached form:

(Revised 4/24/12, Schlosser & Staff)

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