Dianne McLaren-Brighton and Penny Shobert

I. Policy Statement:

Anytown School will use the Alexandria Automation software for the purposes of circulation management, inventory management, and providing an accessible, descriptive database of all library resources for our faculty, staff, students, and parents.

II. Software / Hardware Information
Automation Software: Alexandria
Version: 6.1.5
Software Company: COMPanion Corporation
Operating System: MAC OS 10.5 and higher, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, 2008V
System Requirements for Librarian and Researcher Workstations:

Mac OS 10.6, Windows XP or 7
X86 or X64 Multi-core/Processor
2GB of RAM or more

MAC OS 10.5, Windows XP
G4, Pentium 4 (or equivalent)
1GB of RAM 1024x768 Resolution
Browser Requirements for Web Librarian and Researcher
Minimum (Recommended)

FireFox 3.6+ for Mac or Windows
Safari 4+ for Mac OS X
1024x768 Resolution

Internet Explorer 7+, FireFox 3+
and others for both Mac and Windows
Minimum screen resolution for all Alexandria products is 1024x768.
Offline Operation: Basic Bookdrop and Checkout operations can be carried out offline.

III. Alexandria Contact Information:
Company Representative: COMPanion Corp.: 1-800-347-6439
Technical Support: support@goalalexandria.com
Toll Free Tech Phone: 1-800-347-4942

IV. Help Features:
Alexandria's primary source of help is an expansive wiki. The main page displays a hierarchy of buttons stemming from the three main buttons: Patron Management, Circulation Window, and Item Management. Other buttons include : Circulation Commands, System Preferences, Reports, Utilities, and Researcher (Alexandria's OPAC).
The navigation bar is divided into several sections: main, software, features, faq/guides, toolbox, and search. Each section goes into great detail, including screenshots, step-by-step directions, and a list of related topics. At the top of each section is a text box describing the content covered in that section. A search box iss accessible from every page through the navigation bar.
A chart on the first page notes command differences between Mac and Windows OS systems.
Alexandria Getting Started Guide may be downloaded or a bound copy may be purchased from the company. In addition, technical support i available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Responses to phone calls are quick and are followed up immediately with an e-mail providing links to relevant pages of the wiki.

V. Quick Reference:
Links to often used Help wiki pages
Item Management
Patron Management
Backing Up Your Data
Technology Services Quick Reference for COMPanion products (Technology Services Cheat Sheet and Troubleshooting Checklist at bottom of page)
Develop Maintenance Strategies

VI. Budget:
Alexandria v.5 site license purchased Nov. 2006
Additional features purchased:

Item Data Transfer
Patron Data Transfer
Lexile Utilities
Sneak Peek License
Shipping and Handling
Total for system setup
Annual Software Subscription
(provides free updates, free upgrades, and tech. support)

VII. Additional Services / Features Purchased:
  • Automatic patron Data Import/Export New patron records added and existing patron records set by librarian to be updated monthly, weekly, or daily — even several times a day.
  • Lexile Utilities: Alexandria supports Lexile scores, allows students and teachers to search for titles in a particular target range. Alexandria can store up to 13 years worth of scores and generate student progress reports.
  • Sneak Peek: allows patrons to access reviews, summaries, and cover art for more than 1.4 million ISBNs within Alexandria's Researcher.
  • COMPedit: The Virtual Word Processor: embedded in most COMPanion products.
  • Capstone Interactive (limited access comes as part of the Alexandria package): Allows emergent readers access to a series of interactive books. Includes read-aloud feature, grade and interest levels, and as well as reading levels for Guided Reading, AR, and Lexile.

VIII. Additional Features not purchased or used:
Although not purchased at this time, the following features are available as add-ons:
  • Alexandria Controller / MDS (Multi Data Station): Allows each library to have a separate database, but all databases are housed on a central server and managed by the "Alexandria Controller" application.
  • Alexandria Hosted Solution: Cloud-based data collection and management
  • Bulletin Board: Allows librarians to post items, both text and images, for patrons to access through Researcher
  • Capstone Pebbles GO: An interactive database foe emergent readers; includes read-aloud feature, text highlighting as well as audio and video clips.
  • Central Union Catalog and Distributed Union Catalog: Allow patrons access to participating libraries through Researcher.
  • netTracker: Internet search tool for educators and students has been integrated into Alexandria interface.
  • SearchALL: Alexandria's federated search option allows patrons to search and retrieve information from multiple sources such as on-line databases, Internet search engines, library catalogs, etc. and have results displayed in one results window.

IX. Maintenance:
All updates and upgrades are the responsibility of the IT department.
Backup Procedures:
  • Daily: Data and logs are archived on the local building server automatically twice a day. All district servers on the network are backed up once each day. Ten days of data are saved on the network server.
  • Manual Backup: When completing lengthy projects such as inventory, it is recommended that the data be periodically saved on a separate storage device.
  • Maintenance Contract: The Alexandria Maintenance Contract includes updates, upgrades, and technical support.

X. Stand-Alone Cataloging Software
Used to create original MARC records or clean up records purchased from vendors, copied from cataloging resources, or existing database records. Cataloging software is not meant to replace a full-featured Integrated Library System (ILS), but to complement the ILS by creating and enhancing MARC records to ensure, as much as possible, complete and accurate MARC records in the OPAC. The following is an example of dedicated cataloging software. Other programs are available to meet budget or OS concerns.

MARC Magician Professional: A complete cataloging, MARC data cleanup, and maintenance solution.

Mitinet Library Service
Contact: Mitinet/MARC Software, 6409 Odana Road, Madison, WI 53719
Information: 1-800-824-6272 (7:00 am – 5:00 pm)

Hardware Requirements:
  • Windows 2000* — 133 MHz Pentium processor or equivalent, 64 MB RAM
  • Windows XP — 233 MHz Pentium processor or equivalent, 128 MB RAM
  • Windows Vista/Windows 7 — 800 MHz Pentium processor or equivalent, 512 MB RAM
  • SVGA monitor, 800x600 with 256 colors
  • Approximately 20 MB of hard disk pace per 1000 records in the MARC Magician database

Operating System:
Microsoft Windows 2000*/XP/Vista/7

Sales, Technical Support, and Data
Services Department: 1-608-845-9261
Technical Support: support@mitinet
Customer Service: 1-660-425-3998 or customerservice@mitinet.coz

$149.00 — $478.00 depending on package purchased

XI. Annotated Bibliography

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COMpanion's extensive on-line wiki created for help support for Alexandria, a Integrated Library System used in many school libraries. The wiki is separate from
the Alexandria program and can be accessed through the Internet at any time.

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COMPanion's library software, Alexandria, is a full-featured, cross-platforrm integrated library system available for k-12 schools, universities, corporations, and public libraries. Along with an exhaustive help wiki, live help is available 24 hours, 7 days a week.In addition, a "Librarian's Corner" section of the website offers librarians tips, videos, e-newsletters, and other support for both librarians and IT staff.

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MARC Magician Professional is a software program used to create original MARC Records, cleanup, and organize existing records. Original MARC Records are created using a material-type template. Editing records can be completed individually or several at a time using the Global Editing feature.
Mitinet, creator of the software, provides eight step-by-step tutorials to educate the user about the features of MARC Magician.A Help button (?) is available and provides valuable up-to-date information on using MARC Magician. This software is easy to use; the tutorials provide excellent guidance in using the program. The Help System is a valuable source when questions arise. The records easily import from and export into the Alexandria ILS.

Last revised: May 7, 2012